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In order to ensure that customers can be at ease use seiko products, and eliminate worries, to the customer service center of tianjin for headquarters, and all over the world the customer service center network, a 24 hour tracking service. Headquarters 24-hour customer hotline: + 86 022-26761716

JingGong WeiYe customer service tenet

The user is always god is the core of seiko customer service, all for the sake of users, to solve the problem, after analysis responsibility for the accident.
For the customer saving every penny seiko is the content of the customer service, do the services at the same time, minimize customer service and maintenance costs.
Quick, effective service is the direction of seiko customer service, simplified service process, the first time to the service.
The best satisfactory service is seiko customer service eternal goal, have practical experience of senior technical staff customer service team, to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

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