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TianJing JingGongWeiYe valve technology development co.,ltd. To market changes to make rapid reaction and have a unique advantages in technology and high quality services and products.

A, information feedback

1, the Marketing Department designated persons responsible for the customer information feedback work, the client visit, calls for registration, deal with and archived.
2, for the customer to reflect the quality of products problems or Suggestions to improve products, marketing service a customer complaint report form to company of the departments responsible, through research and analysis, solution and preventive measures, and deposit to the company quality file and user files.
3, understand the product use, stay in touch with clients.

Second, the service

1, the customer in the installation, this company will send service personnel to ensure the timely supply at any time.
2, the customer requirements sent on the spot to deal with quality problems, in any case, the service personnel will actively cooperate with the problem.
3, in order to make customers understanding, the company will be according to the customer need to send professional technical personnel to provide relevant technical consultation.

Three, quality assurance
1, in product warranty period, if any quality problems, by this company is responsible to solve.
2, in product warranty period, all of manufacturing quality products and cause damage to the product, the company will be responsible for free replacement; In product warranty outside, of the manufacturing quality caused by damage to the product, the company will actively deal with problems, only charge the cost.

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