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the temperature of the enterprise valve $20 million investment
Come from: JingGong WeiYe   Release time:2012-5-4
the temperature of the enterprise valve $20 million investment
Research and development of high temperature a valve, to attract foreign companies $20 million investment. Yesterday, the United States Hua and financial securities Co., LTD and zhejiang hebron technology Co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement to early investment of us $20 million, for a valve large-scale production and again research and development.
By the United States and are only after Hua of this valve, is a pharmaceutical enterprise with the widespread use of diaphragm valve. "We have to develop for two years, has been without success, with the cooperation of zhejiang university last year, all the problems are, the next one will begin to large-scale production." Zhejiang hebron 2 chairman far said. Three years ago, 2 far understand that many pharmaceutical enterprise need diaphragm valve, but the valve Germany is only a few of the enterprise can produce, delivery time is longer, the price is high, the influence of the medicine enterprise production expansion. So, to research and development of this 2 far diaphragm valve, put in the ten thousand yuan after special funds.
"This type of valve with high technical content, wide prospect of market, so we invest $20 million." The United States Hua and financial securities Co., LTD. President ChenRongGuang says. According to information, made in Germany at present of this valve per market price for RMB 30000 yuan, and the research and development of this hebron valve market price for can plunge to 10000 yuan.
Data shows, zhejiang hebron science and technology Co., LTD is located in wenzhou economic and technological development zone seaside park, is set research and development, production, sales health valve and fluid level equipment and other products in the integration of high-tech enterprises, is also the engineer association member, has a high reputation in the industry, the products are exported to America, Europe, Middle East, more than 20 countries and regions.
ChenRongGuang revealed that the company will use its in the United States ZhengQuanJie resources, guide hebron in the United States listed on nasdaq. Data shows, headquartered in New York "Hua and" is an international well-known comprehensive financial investment company, key for the United States, Britain, China's Hong Kong and the mainland enterprises, in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Britain four international capital market and other forms of financing to provide one-stop service.
According to information, zhejiang hebron in a planned this year submitted within the nasdaq listing application, its may obtain financing will be put into this kind of diaphragm valve to the development and production of again.
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