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Static hydraulic balance valve union standard through the experts
Come from: JingGong WeiYe   Release time:2012-5-4
Static hydraulic balance valve union standard through the experts
December 28,, the valve industry association by zhejiang yuhuan the drafting of a provincial key block standardization project "static hydraulic balance valve union standard" through the experts.
To participate in the review meeting of experts have zhejiang plumbing valves industry association secretary-general YangYanCai, zhejiang yuhuan engineer association LuoChangMing, zhejiang province are engineers valve plumbing test center ChenJianFang senior 13 people.
YangYanCai preside over the meeting on this and formulate a "static hydraulic balance valve alliance of the standards of task sources, formulation process, product characteristic, the standards of one idea and situation are introduced. Zhejiang yuhuan quality supervision bureau, deputy director of the LinJianWen to formulate the static hydraulic balance valve union standard of service industry in zhejiang yuhuan valve standardization strategy has given the important speech. Main drafting unit of zhejiang world hvac technology Co., LTD. Engineers tien-chun hsu simply introduced at home and abroad and static hydraulic flat development present situation and the level of technology. The meeting LuoChangMing elected professor but as standard approved group leader.
On the meeting, the expert group and the representatives of the static hydraulic balance valve union standard "SongShenGao for examination and approval, and the SongShenGao published their views and opinions, put forward rational Suggestions and opinions. Finally approved group think drafting unit of SongShenGao and provide standard of evidence is complete, the data is reliable, unanimously.
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