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Six plumbing valves products granted fujian famous brand
Come from: JingGong WeiYe   Release time:2012-5-4
Six plumbing valves products granted "fujian famous brand"
Source: fujian daily
The famous brand product evaluation in fujian province working committee review, the provincial government has awarded four enterprise production of six plumbing valves product "fujian famous brand product" title.
Six plumbing valves products include fuzhou three association electronics Co., LTD. "three association" induction sanitary ware, road of (xiamen) industrial Co., LTD "lota" brand ceramics piece seal water mouth, nine animal husbandry group Co., LTD. JOMOO nine animal husbandry brand ceramics piece seal water mouth and JOMOO nine animal husbandry brand showers, and fujian f springs group Co., LTD. Of the macro wave, hona brand ceramics piece seal water mouth, fujian feida valve Co., LTD FDV brand of the valve.
Data shows, four enterprise were from the fuzhou, xiamen, quanzhou and zhangzhou, each product also have their manager, shows our province plumbing industry cluster are shifting, by quanzhou nanan to surrounding areas diffusion, scale unceasingly expands, the product category is unceasingly rich, and constantly improve the content of science and technology.
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